M.O.B.A. Network to support YouTube Shorts Creators – opens new revenue stream

M.O.B.A. Network’s YouTube network, Union For Gamers (UFG), supports Shorts, a new format for Creators that opens up a new revenue stream.

YouTube is now providing the ability for Content Creators to share the advertising revenue generated through short-form videos they post to the platform, known as YouTube Shorts. Short-form video, typically optimized for Mobile devices and often under one minute in length, has seen a meteoric rise in recent years, spearheaded by the immense success of TikTok.

Despite its incredible success in reaching massive audiences, a significant pain point of short-form video for Creators has been difficulty monetizing this content effectively. This is made more challenging by opaque monetization systems that rely on a “Creator Fund” rather than a direct revenue-sharing approach.

YouTube is now changing this with the launch of YouTube Shorts Revenue Sharing, leveraging their substantial experience in effective video advertising and transparent revenue sharing to improve the ecosystem for Creators, and in doing so, likely make YouTube Shorts a more competitive alternative to TikTok.

M.O.B.A. Network sees great potential in the growth of short-form Creators on the platform, and we believe that the space will benefit significantly from increased competition by YouTube. Through our UFG YouTube network, we are moving to support Creators in this space and leverage this exciting growth opportunity in such a rapidly evolving content segment.

This development creates growth opportunities for our network as we can effectively support Creators on YouTube owing to our longstanding experience, toolset, and staff expertise. This also opens a brand new revenue stream for our UFG business as we assist Shorts Creators in managing their content and generating Shorts revenue through channels partnered with our network.

We also anticipate increased interest in short-form Creators moving to create standard long-form video content to complement their Shorts. We are excited to help develop Creator’s channel strategy and increase their earning potential with more diverse revenue streams.


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