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M.O.B.A. Network acquires, develops and operates gaming communities for the global gaming market. We own one of the world’s largest networks in gaming communities, with 23 web-based global brands and the YouTube network Union For Gamers (UFG) with over 1,000 content creators

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We offer communities to core gaming fans to craft strategies and sharing ideas with other passionate gamers. M.O.B.A. Network operates a total of 23 global communities on its own platform.

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Gain access to an unmatched toolset, cross-plattform exposure and a bigger paycheck for the content you create. You receive 90% of the money your YouTube channel earns.



M.O.B.A. Network´s world class gaming content and communities entertains a global audience with millions of dedicated gamers.
Communicate your brand with our premium audience in our brand safe environment, whether it is thru traditional rich media, display or custom video campaign solutions


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Webcast presentation of Year-End Report 2023 published

A webcast presentation of year-end report 2023, as well as a moderated interview with CEO Björn Mannerqvist, is now available on M.O.B.A. Networks' website –

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M.O.B.A. Network AB (publ) updates on the fourth quarter and decides on reversal of additional purchase consideration and non-cash affecting write-downs

Update regarding the fourth quarter of 2023 Preliminary results for the fourth quarter (not audited by the company’s auditors)     2023-10-01 2022-10-01 2023-01-01 2022-01-01 Amount in TSEK 2023-12-31 2022-12-31 2023-12-31 2022-12-31 Revenue 82 147 80 306 273 154 289 815 Adjusted EBITDA 17 673 7 600 38 665 32 130 EBITDA 74 184 7 600 […]

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Expanded collaboration with Raptive contributes to M.O.B.A. Networks growth

The strategic partnership with Raptive regarding ad sales and ad tech has been implemented across all M.O.B.A. Networks community websites. During the third quarter of 2023, a new and significantly improved advertising agreement with Raptive was signed, a logical development in light of the successful collaboration regarding our subsidiary Magic Find’s community websites. Intensive implementation […]

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