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2022-05-18 07:30:00

Strong first quarter – sales grew 815%

FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS - 1 January 2022 - 31 MARCH 2022 · Net sales amounted to MSEK 67.4 (MSEK 7.4), a growth of 815%. · EBITDA amounted to MSEK 8.5 (MSEK 3.4), an increase of 148%. · EBIT amounted to MSEK 7.4 (MSEK 2.8), an increase of 162%. · Profit before tax amounted to MSEK 6.9 (MSEK 2.8), an increase of 144%. · Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital amounted to MSEK 8.1 (MSEK 3.5) during the quarter. · Cash and cash equivalents amounted to MSEK 34.8 (MSEK 19.8), and in addition the company has an unutilized overdraft facility of MSEK

2022-04-21 13:10:21

Notice from the general annual meeting 2022-04-21

M.O.B.A. Network AB org. nr. 559144-3964,  today on 21 april 2022 held the Annual General Meeting. Below is a summary of the decisions made at the meeting. All decisions were made unanimously. · The AGM resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet. · The AGM resolved that the result for the year shall be balanced on a new account and that no dividend shall be paid. · The AGM resolved to discharge all individuals who had served as Board members or CEO from liability for the administration of the

2022-04-01 08:15:00

Exercise of share options (TO1)

M.O.B.A. Network announces that subscription of share options (series TO1), which was resolved at the Annual General Meeting in February 2020, was completed on March 31, 2022. A total of 29,700 options were exercised, which gives 297,000 shares. Through the exercise of share options, the company's number of shares will increase to 22,682,820 and the share capital will amount to 2,268,282 after registration with Bolagsverket. M.O.B.A. Network receives approx. 6 MSEK after the exercise of options.

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