M.O.B.A. Network owns and operates several of the world’s largest gaming communities. We offer communities and high quality content to gaming fans all over the globe.

We operate 23 global gaming communities, and run the Youtube Network Union for Gamers with over 1.000 content creators

M.O.B.A. Network offer communities to core gaming fans to craft strategies and sharing ideas with other passionate players. Being the home of some the world’s most popular and high quality gaming communities we strive to be the world’s best and largest gaming community.

We are providing gamers with the tools and power to share gaming strategies causing the world closer together. That is our main mission. We are also providing advertisers with several huge markets and refined tools to reach far into with them and track engagement and sensible but depersonalized stats about these markets users.

M.O.B.A. Networks revenue primarily come from delivering programmatic, rich media ads and premium ad sales. We maintain a premium model by taking care of our communities users with deep consideration for privacy – through depersonalized, but at the same time updated and substantial data.

Business idea
Being the home of some the world’s most popular and high quality gaming and pop-culture communities

Be the world’s most engaging and largest content creator community for gaming and pop-culture for today and in the future

Offer platforms and tools to enable creators to share content to people all over the world



M.O.B.A. Network´s world class gaming content and communities entertains a global audience with millions of dedicated gamers.
Communicate your brand with our premium audience in our brand safe environment, whether it is thru traditional rich media, display or custom video campaign solutions


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