Launches additional new community brand

M.O.B.A. Network, via the subsidiary CriticalClick Network, has launched the new community brand The new brand is aimed at the gaming genre "farming simulator games" which is a large and popular genre. The idea of ​​ is to gather the biggest titles in farming simulation under one brand and offer players tools and guides to improve their gaming experience. Farmfirends targets players of the biggest game in farming simulation, Stardew Valley, but will add new titles to the product.

The launch of is part of M.O.B.A's strategy to establish itself in additional major gaming categories to create communities for more players worldwide. M.O.B.A's exposure to players has been mainly towards large PC games (League of Legends, DOTA2 etc.) but with the launch of new brands we can also target game categories on console and mobile as well as player categories and demographics we have not reached before. M.O.B.A. will continue to launch new brands in more gaming categories in 2022.

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