Expanded collaboration with Raptive contributes to M.O.B.A. Networks growth

The strategic partnership with Raptive regarding ad sales and ad tech has been implemented across all M.O.B.A. Networks community websites.

During the third quarter of 2023, a new and significantly improved advertising agreement with Raptive was signed, a logical development in light of the successful collaboration regarding our subsidiary Magic Find’s community websites. Intensive implementation work began in the fall of 2023 and was completed at the beginning of 2024.

“The expanded collaboration that was recently fully implemented has quickly met our high expectations,” says Peter Carlstedt, Chief Revenue Officer at M.O.B.A. Network.

“We can see that the new and improved advertising agreement has already created significantly improved customer value, increased revenues for our community websites, and an improved global presence. We expect the positive effects to increase progressively and that we will see the full effect during 2024”, Peter Carlstedt concludes.

The collaboration with Raptive is in line with M.O.B.A. Networks’ vision to create growth and improved value for our stakeholders through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships.

Our journey with M.O.B.A. Network AB is incredibly rewarding. The great progress we are making together is proof of the potential of our partnership. We are excited to see our joint efforts pay off and look forward to reaching new heights together,” said Tina Pautz, EVP, Enterprise at Raptive.


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