Successful start for M.O.B.A. Network’s Partnership with Mediacube Worldwide Inc

The implementation of the partnership (as per the press release on August 22, 2023) with Mediacube Worldwide Inc. is progressing as planned. This enhances revenue opportunities and service offerings for Union For Gamers (UFG), the YouTube network owned and operated by M.O.B.A. Network.

The integration of MCPay, Mediacube's financial service, offers greater flexibility and improved services for UFG's content creators, such as daily payouts, advance payments, and seamless transfers of funds to various cards, accounts, and e-wallets. This means an enhanced financial experience for content creators within the UFG network. We expect the integration to be fully completed during Q4.

Mediacube has successfully begun optimizing the operational aspects of UFG. A significant result of this optimization is that a dedicated sales team with ambitious goals is now operational. The partnership also brings about cost synergies, which will take full effect in 2024.

Following the partnership's launch, M.O.B.A. Network has seen an increase in the number of new content creators joining the network. These additions contribute their diverse content and perspectives, broadening the range of UFG’s offerings.

"Our partnership with Mediacube has progressed as planned, with key improvements that benefit the content creators in our network. Our clear intention is to support content creators worldwide and deliver innovative solutions in collaboration with Mediacube," says Björn Mannerqvist, CEO of M.O.B.A. Network.

"Our collaboration with M.O.B.A. Network has developed according to plan, including the implementation of MCPay and operational improvements. We look forward to continuing our partnership and welcoming more content creators to the network," says Michael Bychenok, CEO of Mediacube Worldwide Inc.


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