Strong quarter – best Q2 so far

FINANCIAL – 1 APRIL 2022 – 30 JUNE 2022

  • Net sales amounted to MSEK 70.8 (MSEK 31.5), a growth of 125%.
  • EBITDA amounted to MSEK 8.9 (MSEK 3.6), an increase of 145%.
  • EBIT amounted to MSEK 7.7 (MSEK 3.1), an increase of 152%.
  • Profit before tax amounted to MSEK 7 (MSEK 3), an increase of 133%.
  • Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital amounted to MSEK 10.1 (MSEK 2.4) during the quarter.
  • Earnings per share during the quarter amounted to SEK 0.3, normalized for the split of shares that took place last financial year of 1/10 earnings per share were SEK 3 (SEK 0.9).

FINANCIAL – 1 JAN 2022 – 30 JUNE 2022

  • Net sales amounted to MSEK 138.2 (MSEK 38.9), a growth of 255%.
  • EBITDA amounted to MSEK 17.3 (MSEK 7), an increase of 147%.
  • EBIT amounted to MSEK 15.2 (MSEK 5.9), an increase of 157%.
  • Profit before tax amounted to MSEK 13.9 (MSEK 5.8), an increase of 139%.
  • Cash flow from operating activities before changes in working capital amounted to MSEK 19.1 (MSEK 5.9) during the quarter.
  • Earnings per share during the quarter amounted to SEK 0.6, normalized for the split of shares that took place last financial year of 1/10 earnings per share were SEK 6 (SEK 1.9).

CEO comments

Strong quarter – best Q2 so far

M.O.B.A. Network's turnover for Q2 increased by 125 percent and amounted to SEK 70.8 million with an improved EBITDA result of 145 percent to SEK 8.9 million during the second quarter of the year, which is the company's second-best result ever despite challenging market conditions and that the comparative quarter of 2021 was very strong.

I can happily state that we are continuing our growth journey in M.O.B.A., where our profit and cash flows are also growing through our leading communities.

During the quarter, we mitigated declining programmatic sales affected by the macroeconomic situation with strong direct sales. Again, this is a sign of strength for our brands and gaming in general, and it is an attractive vertical for companies to continue spending their marketing budgets.

Influence of the outside world

The financial situation with inflation has led to somewhat increased salary costs for us, but despite this, we have excellent cost control and increased earnings by 215% during the quarter. Our long-term strategy to focus on profitability, cash flows and building a stable cash position allows us to continue working according to plan and, at the same time, invest in the opportunities we now see in the market.

Paradoxically, the somewhat uncertain market offers opportunities for us going forward. We invest long-term in the organization and see an increased range of potential candidates to recruit, as cost savings have been implemented at some of our competitors who do not have as strong balance sheets as we do. During the period we have, among other things, hired a Head of Content/SEO Manager who works centrally over all our brands to strengthen our position further.

Our YouTube network, UFG, is the most exposed to programmatic advertising. Here we invest in strengthening the organization by recruiting a so-called Partner Manager and a Sales Manager. The plan is thus for UFG to increase the volume in the network by bringing in more high-quality content creators and to increase the share of direct sales, which so far has not accounted for a significant part of the revenue from YouTube.


During the quarter, we entered into an exciting agreement with Swedish-based EGO-App, where we will offer fantasy tournaments for the biggest esports tournaments starting during League of Legends biggest esports event this fall, LoL Worlds 2022.

Offering fantasy has long been a wish of our community members, and it feels good to be working on it. This type of event also brings additional opportunities for our direct sales and drives engagement among our community contributors, which is entirely in line with our strategy.

Acquisition landscape

Given the market situation, the influx of new acquisition cases has increased. We patiently turn down companies that do not fit our acquisition strategy but focus on the prospects that have the potential to build long-term value in M.O.B.A. We ensure to be at the center of the action to capitalize on the best opportunities. An example of this is that we are represented at the gaming fair Gamescom in Cologne, which runs from August 23-28. It is an excellent opportunity to meet potential companies to acquire new employees and collaboration partners.

Looking ahead

To continue to be profitable with a growing cash position, which at the end of the quarter amounted to SEK 47 million, allows us to focus on what we do best, developing the best community meeting places for gamers and e-sports players all over the world and invest to further strengthen our organization and take the opportunity if attractive acquisitions pass our criteria.

The team and I look forward to the coming years with confidence!

Significant events during April – June 2022

  • M.O.B.A. Network AB has signed a partnership agreement with E-GO APP to be able to offer Fantasy Game Leagues for its community members around the worlds largest esport tournaments. The Swedish fantasy tech company E-GO APP, which offers a real-time esport fantasy tech platform and data, will be the sole operator for MOBA’s new initiative ”Fantasy Games”. The first fantasy league within the partnership will be held on MOBA’s flagship, a League of Legends community website. The fantasy league will be for one of the biggest events in the esport universe, the League of Legends playoff series LoL Worlds, which will be held in several cities across several weeks during October and November 2022.
  • The company held the Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2022. The AGM resolved to adopt the income statement and balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and consolidated balance sheet. The AGM resolved to discharge all individuals who had served as Board members or CEO from liability for the administration of the company. The AGM resolved in favour of re-election of the board members Henrik Henriksson, Maria A. Grimaldi, Jonas Bertilsson och Manfred Gottschlich and Chairman of the Board Fredrik Burvall. 

This disclosure contains information that M.O.B.A Network AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU nr 596/2014). The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person, on 24-08-2022 07:30 CET.


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