Porofessor App Surpasses 10 Million Downloads Milestone

In the beginning of June 2023, M.O.B.A.'s newly acquired subsidiary Wargraphs' flagship product, Porofessor, passed the milestone of 10 million downloads. Porofessor is distributed via the gaming app platform Overwolf and is the largest independent app across all gaming categories, and about three times larger than comparable competitors on the platform.

The growth in the number of downloads of Porofessor is approximately 1,900 percent since Q1 2020, making it the fastest-growing gaming app.

"10 million downloads is a fantastic milestone for Porofessor and a testament to the quality of the app, which is generating extremely strong user KPIs. By listening to the users of the product, Wargraphs has created a world-leading app for the League of Legends ecosystem, and we will continue with this, and with the same strategy, create new apps in other ecosystems", comments Björn Mannerqvist, CEO.

The Porofessor app can be downloaded here: https://porofessor.gg/download


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