M.O.B.A. Network launches MOBAFire LoL Worlds Fantasy Tournament with a historic prize pool

M.O.B.A. Network launches its first activation for fantasy esports tournaments for MOBAFire community members. The first tournament will take place in conjunction with the LoL Worlds Championship starting on September 29, but users can already register to participate completely free of charge.

"MOBAFire Fantasy is a milestone for us at MOBA, because it is our first activation where we are the creator of a fantasy tournament for League of Legends and it is a historically large prize pool of a whopping US$10,000", says Björn Mannerqvist, CEO at M.O.B.A. Network.

MOBAFire Fantasy is a global virtual "Coach Competition" where participants compete by creating the best lineup based on match data from a major real world esports tournament. Historical player data is collected for each player, algorithms are then used to generate a price on each player. Participants can begin purchasing players for their virtual lineup as soon as the Fantasy tournament is published. When the esports tournament starts, participants will be awarded points based on their selection of players according to a new set of algorithms that evaluate the players' performances in real time. If you want to participate in MOBAFire Fantasy, you go to Mobafire.com and create a profile, it is free to participate and the tournament is open to participants worldwide.

About the LoL World Championship

The LoL World Championship starts on September 29th and runs until November 5th. The tournament is divided into three different phases: "Play-in", "Groups" and "Finals". Between these phases, participants in the fantasy tournament will have the opportunity to rebuild their lineup as some teams leave and come in during the course of the tournament.

For more information on the MOBAFire LoL Worlds Fantasy Tournament, click HERE.


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